I’ve been hearing so many stories from both patients and other practitioner in the birth world about how stressful it is to be nearing the end of pregnancy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Under normal circumstances acupuncture can play a game changing role in relieving stress, pain, and encouraging the cervix to begin to ripen in preparation for labor.  I felt moved to record this video to empower women with some techniques that they can use at home to encourage this process with acupressure and self massage. It’s also a great method that you can use to check in with your body. Feeling centered may be downright out the door for a lot of us right now and that’s ok.  However, just like you still need to periodically shower and eat it is still important to check in with our bodies and emotional landscape. When we do this we begin to clean ourselves from the inside, too. This video gives you some tools to be present with yourself and facilitate the process of moving into labor. I recommend starting this video at 37 weeks and repeating daily until you go into labor. These are basic points that women of any health constitution can use. If you would like to learn more about points that are customized for you I am available for virtual consultations. In addition to learning about acupoints I also do education regarding functional nutrition for labor preparation, herbal medicine, lifestyle advice, and exercise. Please click here to schedule  video consultations for acupressure, herbal medicine, functional nutrition, and lifestyle advice.

Credit for the making of this video goes to all the teachers I have studied with over the past 20+ years but especially Ling Gui Qigong International, Randine Lewis, Cindy Micleu, Debra Betts and Claudia Citkowitz.