News from Acupuncturist Alicia Masiulis, , MS, L.Ac, CMT, FABORM


Alicia’s specialties include pregnancy, fertility, and postpartum support. She also specializes in pain and injury rehabilitation.

What I Saw Inside The Breast Express

I recently had the chance to tour the Pumpspotting Breast Express that came to Blossom Birth on tour. Pumpspotting is a community based app whose mission is to give breast feeding women a platform to find support for breast feeding and pumping. Not every woman is able to breast feed but it is great that women are able get more support from an online community. Read more to find out how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can also support your baby feeding efforts!

Acupuncture Improves Fertility By Supporting Uterine Lining

When we think about making a baby we often think about the sperm and the egg as being the key ingredients. Once the sperm and the egg have merged to become an embryo it must implant in the uterine lining (endometrium). In Western Medicine we know that a complex series of events needs to align to create the perfect conditions for this to happen. Read more here about how acupuncture can help support the uterine lining…

5 Diet Changes That Improve Fertility for PCOS Patients

Nutritional changes can make a huge difference on the hormones that affect developing eggs! Did you know that the budding eggs in your ovaries can be negatively influenced by excessive insulin that is more likely to be released after some foods than other foods? Here is how you can help those eggs!

Acupuncture Helps Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

Lower back pain doesn’t need to be part of pregnancy. Acupuncture can help relieve this pain. An observational study on acupuncture treatment on pregnancy women with lumbopelvic pain (this includes lower back and hip pain) reported that 89% of women in the study reported a pain decrease after just 3 treatments.