I recently had the chance to tour the Pumpspotting Breast Express that came to Blossom Birth on tour. Pumpspotting is a community based app whose mission is to give breast feeding women a platform to find support for breast feeding and pumping. Not every woman is able to breast feed but it is great that women are able get more support from an online community. The app has a section where women could mark ‘Pumpspots’, places where a woman on-the-go could breast feed or pump in private. It also has a section where women can ask questions and get support from other women. This app could be good for every woman but I think it is particularly good for women who must go back to work during the first year of their baby’s life and had to travel for work.

Inside the bus the pump spotting women were listening to women’s stories and providing the kind of support you might expect to get online from your pumping peers. In addition to their tasteful decorating they had resources for pumping mamas and samples of tea and bars aimed at increasing milk production and even adorable clothes for breast feeding!

But what happens when you are not producing enough milk on-the-go? This is when acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine might be helpful. It is always important to have a great lactation consultant but if you are still having supply problems it could be that you need a little boost that acupuncture and herbs can provide. And a trip to the acupuncturist can be the incredible power nap that you need to refresh yourself from long days of mom life!